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Dispensing Cannabis: The California Story  – “Tours of five cannabis dispensary models provide an unprecedented look into this quasi-legal business. Doctors, lawyers, law enforcement, patients and caregivers share their perspectives and concerns.
Watch the trailer and checkout the website: (less)

January 2007– News from the front lines of the medical marijuana wars: MEDICAL MARIJUANA RAIDS ARE CRITICIZED

California ( first legal state in 1996) –  The federal government continues raids of patient clubs and co-operatives,  with various reasons given, but always trampling state law and legitimate patients in the process. DEA Bust of L.A. Cannabis DispensaryThe DEA with a protection force of about 18 LAPD officers steal the medicine and cash from the Arts District Healing Center in Los Angeles. Demonstrators for Americans for Safe Access were on hand. Included interview with Sarah Armstrong of ADHC.

Feburary, 2007 – News article: Pot Eases HIV Patients’ Pain, Study Finds – Donald Abrams, MD (University of CA,SF) completes study using smoked Cannabis in treating HIV-related neuropathic pain – a condition that does not respond well to conventional medications. Dr. Abrams spent years seeking U. S. government -grown medical marijuana for the study and received it only after resubmitting as a “safety” study – examining possible dangers of using Cannabis for medicine.AIDS, Pain & Cannabis, with Donald Abrams: Dr. Abrams describes his study protocols at 2004 Cannabis Therapeutics Conference in Charlottesville, VA.



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