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canada.jpegHeadline: Jan.16.08Plenty O’ Pot News – 3 Cannabis stories from Canada:

The Vancouver Island Compassion Society( VICS ) will be back in court in February to defend the organization’s constitutional right to distribute medical cannabis. Executive Director of VICS, Philippe Lucas described the function and goals of VICS at the 2004 Cannabis Therapeutics Conference.Medical Cannabis in Canada, with Philippe Lucas

Headline: Jan.23.08 – Emery’s Fate In Limbo – In a closely watched case, Marc Emery, the”Prince of Pot”, has tentatively accepted a plea deal of five years in a Canadian prison to avoid extradition to the U.S. to face extensive prison time for selling and shipping Cannabis seeds to Americans. Reportedly, the deal releases two people caught up in the high profile prosecution.Marc Emery Battles the DEA and Extradition

* Editorial: Emery Should Be A Free Man *

Marijuana’s road to legality in Canada has been a roller-coaster ride – Constituitional freedoms asserted and assaulted, from inside and outside. One thing for sure, the people will prevail.Marijuana Is Legal In Canada


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