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Headline: Jan.30.08Opposition To Marijuana Up In Smoke– The only presidential candidate left in the ’08 race that is unequivocally for medical marijuana, legalization of marijuana and ending the “war on drugs” is Rep. Ron Paul, MD. True to his Libertarian roots, Dr. Paul recognizes the folly of a prohibition and its’ counterproductive effects.Ron Paul on marijuana, prohibition, and personal freedom

Headline: Feb.3.08 – A Truth Barack Obama Won’t Dare Tell– Although he favored decriminalization of marijuana in 2004, recently Barack Obama has recently sent mixed signals on the issue. He has vowed to end the federal raids on medical marijuana facilities in legal states like CA. Video from 2004 in which Senator Obama says the drug war is a failure and favors decriminalization of Cannabis. Note: Alcohol prohibition was “decrim” (little or no penalty for users, only sellers) and still had to be ended for society’s sake.Barack Obama Supports Marijuana Decriminalization

Meanwhile, Senator Hillary Clinton, when asked about medical marijuana, says only that more research is needed. Perhaps she is unaware that polls consistently show overwhelming support for medical marijuana, usually over 80%.Sen. Hillary Clinton meets a medical marijuana patient

* Editorial: Hillary and Obama, Ignore the Sleazy Pollsters Who Want You to Cave on Drug Reform

In fact, Cannabis is probably the most researched medicinal agent in the world – referred to as medicine four thousand years ago in ancient China and a traditional medicine all over the world. In America, our ancestors were quite familiar with Cannabis based medicines – one-third of all medical preparations contained Cannabis. Today, science has proved its’ efficacy in many conditions, like chronic pain relief without harmful side-effects of narcotics.

ctc1.jpg2002 Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics– Dr. Ethan Russo gives a history of Cannabis use studies, including several in the U.S. – all coming to the same basic conclusion: “Society has no cause for concern regarding the effects of Cannabis use on health or crime, and in fact, it has many positives – like medicinal value, spiritual traditions and productivity”.Marijuana Use Studies – A History, with Ethan Russo, MD

A nurse and addiction specialist, Mary Lynn Mathre, President of Patients Out of Time (Hosts of the Cannabis Therapeutics Conference), declares the necessary research has been done and it’s time to give patients access medical marijuana.Medical Marijuana – A Nurse’s Perspective, Mary Lynn Mathre


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  1. This site is so great. All the information in neat categories. We have a link from our home page as ASAWNC to this video blog. Everyone should have this information. Truth is power.

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