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Headline: March 21.2008Budget Cuts May Imperil Drug War – In California and all across America, state and county law enforcement officials are decrying a 67% cut in federal government grants for regional drug task forces and other DEA drug suppression programs. As budgets dwindle for many government programs, our modern prohibition will be gradually defunded, shirking enforcement costs to states and localities already operating under unfunded mandates on drug policy – even under threat of federal funding cuts for highways and other programs.

Task Force Taking Down Marijuana Grows

As America slips into recession (probably a long one), it will be impossible for the one billion dollars per week ( Feds-$19 Billion/year; States- $33 Billion/year) spent on the “drug war” to be sustained. For a running total on your tax money going to the drug war, visit theDrug War Clock“.

We will soon be forced to re-order priorities based on real needs, not ideological agendas. Eventually, the modern prohibition will be seen to be counter-productive, wasteful and corrupt, like alcohol prohibition.

Headline: March 28.2008Drug Task Forces Nervously Watch the Money– Although some regional DTFs in Montana are self-sufficient from drug and property seizures, like the Yellowstone County DTF, many units around the state see disaster for their operations if the federal cuts take place. The Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grants, used to fund anti-drug programs across the country, were cut in a budget passed by Congress and signed by President Bush last December. The cuts are due to take effect this summer.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition consists of retired police officers, judges and other law enforcement personnel who see the folly and tragedy of the drug war – a modern prohibition even more disastrous than alcohol prohibition, corrupting law enforcement agencies with illegal seizures and bribes, while distracting from the proper role of the police.  In this video, LEAP members explain why they feel the need to speak out against the “War on Some Drugs”. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Meanwhile, back on the front lines, here is a video produced (with your tax money) by the Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training (MCTFT), called “Marijuana: Reading the Smoke Signals“, where the government tears down “myths” of relative harm and medical utility of Cannabis. Marijuana – The Real Facts, Educational Anti-Marijuana Video

Headline: March 27.2008UPSET To Lose Federal Grant-The “Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team” is one of Michigan’s DTFs that could end by this fall. Noting that prescription drugs now account for much of the illegal drug problem, an UPSET board spokesman hopes that certain members of Congress will come to the rescue, as in years past, and restore the funding for Drug Task Forces.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has vowed to restore the Drug Task Force funding cuts, while Dr. Ron Paul (R)TX – the only candidate left in the race calling for an end to the drug war, is being shut out of the public eye by big media.Ron Paul – Media Keeping Ron Paul a Secret

“I don’t want to run your life. I don’t know how to run your life. I don’t have the authority to run your life and the Constitution doesn’t permit me to run your life!” – Dr. Ron Paul

Headline: March 22.2008DEA Says It May Assume Pot Program – While most states and counties are desperate for the federal drug task force funding, the County Council of Hawaii County, on the Big Island, may refuse to accept a $282,000 grants from the DEA for eradication of marijuana. A DEA official in Washington, DC stated that, although the DEA normally respects local jurisdictions, the agency is prepared to initiate its’ own marijuana eradication program.

That the DEA would consider maintaining marijuana edadication programs when task forces fighting all drugs are being cut back, shows the government’s illogical vendetta against Cannabis and unwillingness to allow states and counties to set their own priorities for law enforcement.  The government knows that the prohibition of Cannabis, with its’ millions of users, provides statistical justification for the drug war. Bureaucrats, above all else, always protect their jobs and the prohibition/industrial complex has become a monster of entrenched power, with  considerable political and economic clout.

*** Update:April 27.2008 – Funds to Fight Pot on Big Isle–  The Hawaii County Council has voted to accept the federal money for marijuana eradication, despite complaints of unconstitutionality, harrassment and privacy concerns. ***

When the 18th Amendment to the Constitution was repealed and alcohol prohibition ended in 1932, the transition was easy. If only we were so lucky this time. The people of America and other countries pursuing the Drug War need to creatively apply themselves to extricating our society from the modern prohibition. If we don’t, even more chaos will ensue as law enforcement becomes irrelevant, as organized crime and gangs completely take over.

Good intentions will always be pleaded for any assumption of power.  The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions.  There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern.  They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.
Daniel Webster

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