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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Headline: June 10, 2008Now Experts Say Cannabis Should Be Legal– Drug abuse experts in Scotland have been studing the Cannabis (marijuana) problem in the U.K. and have come to a logical, if controversial, conclusion. After evaluating data from the Netherlands, where Cannabis has been decriminalized and from San Francisco, CA, where it is still illegal, the researchers found that breaking the legal link between Cannabis and hard drugs also breaks the real-world contact between the Cannabis user and dealers of hard drugs. Only 17% of Cannabis dealers in the Netherlands were also sellers of narcotics, whereas 50% of dealers in San Francisco also dealt in hard drugs.

In this video posted on You Tube, a Scottish poet relates in verse his feelings about the Cannabis plant:Scottish poet in Tobermory Isle of Mull reading Poem.2.

This recommendation comes shortly after Britain reversed several years of leniency on Cannabis users, reclassifying Cannabis as Class B, with the possibility of arrest and jail. (see previous post)

Headline: July 12, 2008 – Ireland: Is It Time To Legalise Drugs? – A new book, The Irish War on Drugs: the Seductive Folly of Prohibition, by Dr. Paul O’Mahony is making waves in the Emerald Isle by recognizing that the modern prohibition of drugs actually makes the misuse problems worse, not better. Citing the United States as mainly responsible for the current drug war tactics, as opposed to “harm reduction” strategies that many European countries have adopted, Dr. Mahony quotes Dr. Milton Friedman, an esteemed U.S. economist, who also sees prohibition as a flawed approach. In this series on You Tube, Milton Friedman expalins why:Milton Friedman on America’s Drug Forum pt.1of 3

Headline: July 12, 2008Italy: Rastas Can Use Cannabis, Italian Court Rules – The Supreme Court of Italy has ruled that, for Rastafarians at least, Cannabis can be considered a religious act and not a criminal offense. Citing marijuana “not only as a medical but also as a meditative herb“, the court also said that “as such [it is] a possible bearer of the psycho-physical state to contemplation and prayer“.  In the next video, we see Italian Rastafarians chanting to Emperor Haile Selassie on the first 115th Earthlight ina Roma, Italy.23rd July ina Rome

Headline: July 2, 2008Drug History’s Sad Centenary – The 100th anniversary of the first anti-narcotic law in history, passed in Canada on July 11, 1908, comes at a time when the new Conservative government has chosen a hard line on drugs, reversing years of liberal Cannabis laws, including the first national medical marijuana law in the modern era. The following video features Canadian president Stephen Harper outlining the new get tough approach on drugs, with questions remaining on the fate of Canada’s medical marijuana program and the patients who use it for medicine.Harper Drug Strategy: What about Medical Marijuana?

Headline: May 2, 2008CN BC: Expert Testifies Cannabis Helps Slow Aging – Meanwhile last May,  during a trial of a man accused of growing marijuana in British Columbia,  the defense called a witness from the United States – Dr. Bob Melamede, a biology professor at the University of Colorado,  to explain how Cannabis has benefits for the mind and body. In the following video from Cannabis TV, Dr. Melamede explains the anti-aging actions of Cannabis and the “Endo-Cannabinoid system” – the body’s mechanism for maintaining balance in an unbalanced world.Surviving ALS with Cannabis, # 3 – with Dr. Bob Melamede


“The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.” – Carl Sagan

Headline: May 26, 2008Marijuana As a Treatment for PTSD – There is a crisis among the legions of America’s veterans – five hundred suicides a month and over three hundred thousand backloged disability claims involving PTSD and depression.

Veterans for Common Sense and Veterans United for Truth have brought suit in a San Francisco Federal Court against the Department of Veterans Affairs to force it to upgrade it’s mental health program for veterans and recognize the need for effective treatments for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The VA wants to hire 1,300 therapists to solve the problem, but PTSD patients have poor responses to psychotherapy and often turn to alcohol and drugs. Moreover, many suffer from chronic pain and addictions to opiate pain medications.

As a result, many have turned to Cannabis under California medical marijuana laws, finding it to be uniquely suited to successful treatment of PTSD and new research is confirming Cannabis’ benefits. Eight percent of medical Cannabis patients surveyed in California suffer from PTSD. Unfortunately, veterans are forced to sign “pain contracts“, which require drug tests for dispensing of narcotic pain medications. If a chronic pain patient tests positive for marijuana, his narcotic pain medicines will be discontinued. This is tragic, as the latest science from Europe shows a symbiotic relationship between Cannabis and opiates, allowing a chronic pain patient to take much less narcotics – a benefit for long term health.

At the Fifth Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics, hosted by Patients Out of Time in California, April, 2008, Air Force Veteran Michael Krawitz describes his history of chronic pain and his current attempts to get the VA to recognize the need for access to medicinal Cannabis for veterans suffering from pain and PTSD. Michael was denied drug treatment for his chronic pain for refusing to sign a “pain contract” – see his story in the news article cited above.Veterans, Pain Contracts & Medical Cannabis- Michael Krawitz

At the Third Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics, held in May of 2004, Professor Raphael Mechoulam from Israel examines the potential of Cannabis as treatment for PTSD. Dr. Mechoulam, who first isolated and named THC in 1964, postulates that Cannabinoids aid the natural brain function of discarding unneeded information.Cannabinoid System in Neuroprotection, Raphael Mechoulam,PhD

Also at the Third Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics, Dr. Sandra Welch presents research demonstrating the symbiotic actions between THC and opiate medications in the treatment of acute and chronic pain.Opiate & Cannabinoid Interactions, with Sandra Welch

 Wu -Wei. 

“Sit and Forget”

– Lao Tzu

Headline: May 13, 2008Florida: Police Defend Informant’s Use –  ‘A Lamb To Slaughter’ – A sad series of revelations about the needless death of a young college student has sparked debate over the increasing use of “confidential informants” by police enforcing America’s drug laws.  Rachel Hoffman’s possession of a less than an ounce of marijuana and some ecstasy pills, with subsequent intimidation by Tallahassee Police, forced an untrained, naive 22 year old girl to do the dirty work for the police – the attempted purchase of cocaine, ecstasy and a gun from individuals known to be associated with an organized criminal organization.

In this video posted by Students for Sensible Drug Policy,  a local TV news station interviews Rachel’s friends and others outraged by her tragic death protesting police methods at the state capitol in Tallahassee. Who killed Rachel Hoffman?

Headline: May 17, 2008Details Surface in Hoffman Case– $13,000; 1,500 ecstacy pills; and a gun – these were the items young Rachel Hoffman was supposed to purchase, having been sent several times to arrange the deal for police. Here is another news broadcast of the people who turned out to remember Rachel and to protest the way the drug war ruins lives, along with a political candidate vowing to change the system.John Shaw speaks  at a Demonstration

Headline: May 20, 2008Hoffman’s Father Pushes for ‘Rachel Law’– “I don’t think kids should be doing police work,” said Rachel Hoffman’s father, as he calls on Florida legislators to make sure that the tragedy that befell his daughter will not happen to others. Gov. Charlie Crist and two state Senators comment on the case and the need to curtail activities by the police that are dangerous to innocent citizens. Meanwhile, several personal testimonials and farewells to Rachel have been posted on You Tube, including a video scrapbook of Rachel with her friends.In Loving Memory of Rachel Hoffman


 Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) is an organization of retired police officers, judges, corrections officers and other professionals from the law enforcement community who recognize our “drug war” as a modern prohibition, with tragic flaws for individuals and society. In this video from the Drug Truth Network, LEAP member Rev. Dean Becker examines the legacy of crime and death spawned by the current prohibition.DTN-Rev Dean Becker: Drug War Scandal 3

The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government.    
Thomas Jefferson  To the Republican Citizens of Washington County, Maryland [March 31, 1809