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Headline: May 13, 2008Florida: Police Defend Informant’s Use –  ‘A Lamb To Slaughter’ – A sad series of revelations about the needless death of a young college student has sparked debate over the increasing use of “confidential informants” by police enforcing America’s drug laws.  Rachel Hoffman’s possession of a less than an ounce of marijuana and some ecstasy pills, with subsequent intimidation by Tallahassee Police, forced an untrained, naive 22 year old girl to do the dirty work for the police – the attempted purchase of cocaine, ecstasy and a gun from individuals known to be associated with an organized criminal organization.

In this video posted by Students for Sensible Drug Policy,  a local TV news station interviews Rachel’s friends and others outraged by her tragic death protesting police methods at the state capitol in Tallahassee. Who killed Rachel Hoffman?

Headline: May 17, 2008Details Surface in Hoffman Case– $13,000; 1,500 ecstacy pills; and a gun – these were the items young Rachel Hoffman was supposed to purchase, having been sent several times to arrange the deal for police. Here is another news broadcast of the people who turned out to remember Rachel and to protest the way the drug war ruins lives, along with a political candidate vowing to change the system.John Shaw speaks  at a Demonstration

Headline: May 20, 2008Hoffman’s Father Pushes for ‘Rachel Law’– “I don’t think kids should be doing police work,” said Rachel Hoffman’s father, as he calls on Florida legislators to make sure that the tragedy that befell his daughter will not happen to others. Gov. Charlie Crist and two state Senators comment on the case and the need to curtail activities by the police that are dangerous to innocent citizens. Meanwhile, several personal testimonials and farewells to Rachel have been posted on You Tube, including a video scrapbook of Rachel with her friends.In Loving Memory of Rachel Hoffman


 Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) is an organization of retired police officers, judges, corrections officers and other professionals from the law enforcement community who recognize our “drug war” as a modern prohibition, with tragic flaws for individuals and society. In this video from the Drug Truth Network, LEAP member Rev. Dean Becker examines the legacy of crime and death spawned by the current prohibition.DTN-Rev Dean Becker: Drug War Scandal 3

The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government.    
Thomas Jefferson  To the Republican Citizens of Washington County, Maryland [March 31, 1809

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  1. The Hoffman story reeks of that most dangerous of principles ‘the end justifies the means’.

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