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Drug War Politics : The Price of Denial

Revitalizes public debate over whether tax dollars are better spent suppressing drugs and pushers or rehabilitating addicts. Interviews with professionals illustrate that America’s war on drugs must be revamped before it exacerbates the problem.
by Eva Bertram (Editor), Kenneth Sharpe (Contributor), Peter Andreas (Contributor)



Smoke and Mirrors :
 The War on Drugs and the Politics of Failure

A retrospective look at the war on drugs in the U.S. Details the cover-ups and blunders of some of the biggest drug busts in the country’s history. Baum calls for a radical compromise. by Dan Baum 



Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

An important contribution to the current national dialog on moves toward the decriminalization of this controversial drug. Rosenthal and Kubby offer crisp, well-reasoned arguments for legalizing marijuana.
by Ed Rosenthal, Steve Kubby


Drug Warriors and Their Prey

Miller analyzes America’s drug war in all its social implication, from examples of enforcement strategies which don’t work to court systems which threaten victims. He argues that the drug war promotes fear in order to convince citizens to sacrifice their civil liberties.
by Richard Lawrence Miller


The Marijuana Conviction :
 A History of Marijuana Prohibition in the United States

(Drug Policy Classic Reprint from Lindesmith)

 A complete history of U.S. Prohibition. A comprehensive look at marijuana and drug prohibition.
by  Charles H. Whitebread, Dana L. Farnsworth


Marijuana, Not Guilty as Charged

Informs and educates. Factual information on marijuana, it’s benefits and uses. Brings factual information on a controversial subject to a misguided and misinformed society.

 by David R. Ford & Tod H. Mikuriya, M.D.

Shattered Lives: Portraits From America’s Drug War

Photos and stories of America’s victims of the war on drugs. These photos make up “The Wall of Shame” as they are displayed at rallies, conferences and gatherings across the country.
by Mikki Norris, Virginia Resner, Chris Conrad


Drug Crazy : How We Got into This Mess and How We Can Get Out – A scathing indictment of America’s decades-long “war on drugs”. Mike Gray’s analysis has an immediacy and clarity worth noting. A vivid portrayal of the futility of prohibition.
by Mike Gray



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