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Headline, Feb 07: The Hemp Vote– The new year began on a hopeful note as Rep. Ron Paul, (R) TX, introduced HR 1009 – the “2007 Industrial Hemp Farming Act”, co-sponsored with 9 democrats (including Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D) OH), showing how true conservatism and true populism can come together on an issue affecting economics and the environment.

Headline, Feb 07: North Dakota Issues Hemp-Growing Licenses– ND joins six other states which have authorized the farming of industrial hemp.North Dakota’s Agriculture Commissioner backs Hemp

Headline, March 07: (Canada) Decade of Legalized Industrial Hemp Celebrated– Meanwhile, our neighbor to the north has been growing hemp for 10 years, groing into an important  and diversified industry. Manitoba Harvest, a premier manufacturer of hemp seed oils and foods, featured on CBC in October

Headline, May 07: Hemp, Canola Studied For BC Bioenergy– Also from Canada, hemp is being considered as a good source of vegetable oil for biodiesel, as well as ethanol. Hemp is better suited to dry climates than corn and soybeans, saving precious water and requiring little fertilizer/weed/pest control. Roll-out of Hempseed Biodiesel powered car at NORML  – Washington, DC