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January and February: The Year began with the Cops Killing a Mother and Dog Police are using these paramilitary raids more than 100 times a day, often on simple possession of non-violent people; dogs are ruthlessly killed because of the war on this plant.

(note that the only marijuana found in this family home had to be scraped from a pipe, and the father was charged with child endangerment…What about the cops shooting weapons in a child’s room, and what about the permanent emotional scars to this child from these cops!)

…and then there was this next story that  led to a lot of accusations from drug policy reformers that police shoot way too many innocent people in overly-aggressive drug raids. You may recall that this case in which the officer claimed that he opened fire on Tarika because he was startled by gunshots downstairs. Those shots were fired by his own fellow officers as they killed the family’s dogs. Tarika Wilson literally lost her life because a cop was freaked out by gunfire from another cop. Oh, and her baby daughter also got shot.

but February also had more SCIENCE coming out to support the anti-cancer properties that new findings are revealing…

February 2010: Medical marijuana news. Cannabidiol stops the spread of breast cancer

February also brought another major study that shows the medical uses for cannabis. This study lasted ten years and costs 9 million dollars. studies, funded by CMCR under the mandate of a 1999 legislative action, found that marijuana is particularly helpful in relieving pain associated with nerve damage and in treating the muscle spasticity from multiple sclerosis.

March found the ever fearful DEA sensing that cannabis is about to be used religiously arrested a minister in Hawaii, Roger Christie, who is becoming well known for using spiritual sacrament  with his congregation. (note of interest Roger is still awaiting bail 9 months later)…here Roger gives instruction on how to make Holy Anointing Oil .

Speaking of the ridiculous Drug War Prisoners, other notable new prisoners for 2010 include…

Eddie Lepp

Marc Emery

John Wilson

Charles Lynch

April 2010: Federal Judge Suggests U.S. Change Anti-Marijuana Law

In sentencing a California pot shop owner to a year behind bars on federal charges of cultivating and selling marijuana, a U.S. district court judge based in Los Angeles suggested that the federal government change marijuana’s outlaw status.

Judge George H. Wu was very sympathetic to the plight of 47-year-old Charles Lynch, who was convicted in 2008 after federal authorities moved against his Morro Bay dispensary despite his bending over backwards to abide by California’s medical marijuana law. “Individuals such as Lynch are caught in the middle of the shifting positions of governmental authorities” vis-a-vis pot, the judge wrote.

Lynch was also caught in between presidential administrations: After Barack Obama took office he ordered the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to stand down on enforcing federal drug laws in states where medical marijuana is legal.

Wu wrote that (PDF) “ … much of the problems [in the Lynch case] could be ameliorated…by the reclassification of marijuana from Schedule I,” which is the government’s highest, outlaw-drug category.

Also In April… The Hemperer,  Jack Herer passed on. Jack was considered the father of the modern Hemp movement, and he was a writer and researcher who wrote The Emperor Wears No Clothes.  He was an activist for the wonders of Hemp plant until the last moments of his life, collapsing on stage having just given a Pro Hemp speech at the Seattle Hemp Fest.  Jack will be missed by the many of us who admired him, RIP.

and another milestone… April 2010: 5 Years After: Portugal’s Drug Decrim

May brought a 30 year scientific finding about Cannabis… May 2010: Study Finds No Cancer-Marijuana Connection

June: Study of Cannabis being medically helpful for babies!  Cannabis Reduces Infant Mortality

but the Prohibition War goes on… June 2010: A Record 85 killed yesterday

July 2010: The Veterans Administration will formally allow vets to use medical marijuana if they live in the (now 15 States and the District Of Columbia) that allow it.

In August Prescription drug deaths were skyrocketing…

September 2010:  I liked it when this country singer Colt Jackson was came out for weed:

October and November…then came Proposition 19 to Legalize, Tax and Regulate Cannabis in California for adults over 21 years old…

Pot Was Smoked On National TV

Past Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders says to Legalize Marijuana

Retired Judge and many retired police came out in favor (note that the video turns to Prop 19 at about 5:oo)…

Conservatives come out…

Pretty Girls came out for Prop 19 too ( note that some really good info starts coming out at about 3:50 into the video)…

3,500,000 Californians said YES!, making 46% of the vote, this was so much more than in 1969 only 12% said yes to legalizing.

November: Arizona Becomes the 15th Medical Marijuana state…and… Washington DC becomes a Medical marijuana District in the November election!

November 2010: 30 Facts About Arizona’s New Medical Marijuana Law

Also in November The Border Patrol Arrested Willie Nelson keeping us all a little safer…Here is what Snoop Dogg thinks about that…

December 2010: New Mexico Approves Addition Plants For Growers

And to wind up the year Pat Robinson gives decriminalization his blessing…December 2010: Pat Robinson Favors Marijuana decriminalization

It’s been quite a year for the Cannabis and Marijuana Law Reform Movement…wishing us all a great New Year, keep on pressing on…blessings to you.

Ray Pague

Headline: May 1, 2008 – Mayor’s Letter Calls For Hearings Of DEA– Tom Bates, Mayor of Berkley, California, has sent a letter to Washington demanding Congressional hearings on the Drug Enforcement Administration’s latest tactic in its’ effort to undermine the medical Cannabis (marijuana) statutes voted on by the people of California. The DEA is sending letters to landlords of medical Cannabis dispensaries, threatening forfeiture of their property and even criminal prosecution if the landlords continue to lease property to the dispensaries.

Here is a newscast from last spring, when the Central Coast Compassionate Caregivers of Morro Bay, CA, a medical Cannabis dispensary that was raided, reopened and then was forced to close permanently after the landlord received a letter from the DEA, threatening prosecution and forfeiture if the dispensary was allowed to continue its’ lease.Closing of CCCC

* July– Opening arguments begin in the Central Coast Compassionate Caregivers and Charlie Lynch *

Headline: May 1, 2008 – Pot Eases Neuropathic Pain, Researchers Report– Confirming studies on neuropathic foot pain experienced by HIV patients in California last year,  a researcher from the University of California’s Davis Medical Center finds that Cannabis is successful in treating the “difficult to treat and extremely painful” condition “without clouding the mind”. Convention treatments use antidepressants, anticonvulsants, opioids, and anti-inflammatory drugs in an futile attempt to relieve this chronic pain.

Headline: May, 8, 2008 – Legislator Asks DEA To Explain Pot Club Raids– House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) has sent a letter to the Drug Enforcement Administration, demanding to know why “paramilitary-style enforcement raids” are used on medical Cannabis dispensaries, patients and caregivers, as well as property forfeiture. Also, Conyers wants to know why landlords are being threatened for leasing to dispensaries and how much all this is costing taxpayers.

Headline: May 27, 2008 – Calif. Appeals Court Tosses Medical Pot Caps – California’s 2nd District Court of Appeals has granted a new trial to a medical Cannabis patient who was arrested for possessing 12 ounces of dried material and several plants. The Judge ruled that the state legislature “overstepped their bounds” in 2003, when they limited the amount of Cannabis (marijuana) that patients could possess for medical purposes.

Headline: May 31, 2008 – Peninsula’s Last Cannabis Club Gets Raided– U.S. federal agents, with a regional drug task force, have shut down the last openly operating medical marijuana dispensary on the San Francisco Peninsula.

Headline: May 31, 2008 – 2 Accused Of Break-In At Pot Club After Raid – Sloppy police work by federal drug agents, who left behind bags of Cannabis (marijuana) and an open door after several raids on medical Cannabis dispensaries in Oakland, San Jose and other cities in the San Francisco area.

Headline: June 1, 2008 – Curb On Growing Marijuana Sought – In 2000, with “Measure G“, the voters of Mendicino County, CA, pushed the envelope – allowing its’ citizens to grow up to 25 Cannabis plants, for medical or “recreational” uses, making this area of Northern California a “pot friendly” sanctuary. Later this week, voters will decide on “Measure B” – an effort to scale back the limit to match state guidelines (at issue in a pending court case).

Headline: June 3, 2008 – Progress On Med-Pot Bill Cheers Patients – Last January, the CA State Supreme Court ruled against a disabled war veteran who was fired from his job at a telecommunications company that had a zero tolerance for his legal medical Cannabis use. The next month, Assemblyman Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) introduced Assembly Bill 2279, which allows medical Cannabis patients to work most jobs, except “safety-sensitive” positions.

Here is a newscast from last January, featuring Gary Ross, the disabled veteran/legal medical Cannabis patient ruled against by the court:Plaintiff Talks About Medical Pot Ruling

On May 28th, Bill 2279 passed the Assembly, now heading for a vote in the State Senate and the signature of Governor Schwarzenegger. A volunteer for the Medical Marijuana Caregivers Association of El Dorado County observed that chronic pain patients can lead functional lives when medical Cannabis allows them to use less heavy narcotic pain relievers – truly debilitating drugs.

“The voters who supported Prop.  215 did not intend for medical-marijuana patients to be forced into unemployment in order to benefit from their medicine,” Leno said.

Headline: June 4, 2008 – Voters Say Yes’ On “B– Voters in Mendicino County have passed Measure B, which repeals Measure G, the county’s personal use marijuana law, and sets medical marijuana possession limits at the state limits of six mature or 12 immature plants and eight ounces of dried marijuana.

Headline: June 22, 2008 – Editorial: Medical-Pot Politics – After unsuccessfully challenging Proposition 215 last year, San Diego and San Bernardino counties are bringing an amended case to the California  Court of Appeals challenging Senate Bill 420, the 2003 state law that implemented Prop 215.

Headline: July 1, 2008 – DEA to Answer Queries on Med-Pot Raids Locally– Required by Rep. John Conyers, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, to respond by July 1st concerning raids in several California counties, DEA spokespeople say a written response is “imminent”. A Congressional hearing could be called if the Drug Enforcement Administration is not cooperative with the Judiciary Committee’s oversight requirements.

Headline: July 1, 2008 – Cannabis Dispensary Takes Arcata To Court Over Cultivation Ban– After the City Council and Planning Commission of Arcata, CA moved to restrict growing of medical marijuana in the city limits, just before the Humboldt Medical Supply planned to begin growing in its’ new facilities next to the Post Office.

Headline: July 1, 2008 – Cable Show About Medical Marijuana to Air– On a local cable television channel in Norco, California (a town that banned medical marijuana dispensaries last year), “Marijuana: Compassion and Common Sense” has begun airing discussions on the science and politics of Cannabis as medicine in California. Host and producer Lanny Swerdlow, a registered nurse, also heads the Marijuana Anti-Prohibition Project, a support group for patients. Here is a past episode, available on You Tube, with great interviews of Dr. Todd Mikuriya, pioneer of Medical Cannabis, and Irvin Rosenfeld, a stockbroker who happens to receive legal medical marijuana from the U. S. government.Marijuana: Compassion & Common Sense – Season 1 Show #021

Headline: July 20, 2008 – Group Backs Medical Marijuana – The Marijuana Anti-Prohibition Project in the news again, with the story of a patient from southern California who suffers from multiple sclerosis and seizures. This news story also lists all CA laws concerning Cannabis (marijuana).

Headline: July 28, 2008 – Dr. Kush – An extensive article in the New Yorker Magazine, examining how medical marijuana is transforming the “pot” industry in California.

Headline: Aug 14, 2008 – State Top Court To Review Medical Pot Limit– The California State Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal sought by the state to overturn a lower court ruling ( last May – see above) involving limts on cultivation and possession of Cannabis by state medical marijuana program participants. In court papers, Americans for Safe Access, an advocacy group for patients, argued that the 2003 law did not limit the amount of marijuana a patient could possess, it merely set guidelines for police.

Headline: Aug 15, 2008 – Editorial: California Wins On Medical Marijuana Law– In a case brought by San Diego and San Bernardino counties last June, California’s Fourth District Court of Appeal validated the state’s medical marijuana laws and challenged the federal government’s interpretation of Congress’ 1974 Controlled Substances Act – that “federal supremacy” doesn’t allow states to have less restrictive laws.

Making its’ own interpretation of the CSA, the court concluded that the law did not claim supremacy over the states and, in fact, “signifies Congress’s intent to maintain the power of states to elect to serve as a laboratory in the trial of social and economic experiments without risk to the rest of the country …  .”

Headline: Aug 17, 2008 – OPED: Pot Power Play – Professor of Constitutional law examines the issues involved in the case above and the Appeals Court ruling.

Headline: Aug 18, 2008 – Medical Marijuana: What Does Science Say? – The Los Angeles Times runs a 3 part series examining positive and negative aspects of medical Cannabis, in a “Pro-Con” format: Pro: Marijuana Use for Chronic Pain and Nausea  &  Con: Marijuana’s Damaging Effects

Headline: Aug 19, 2008 – DEA Letter Targets Medical Marijuana – The Drug Enforcement Administration continues its’ intimidation inquisition.

Headline: Aug 26, 2008 – Attorney General’s Office Releases Medical Marijuana Guidelines – In an effort to avoid unnecessary prosecution, litigation and confusion about Prop 215 and SB 420, the AG’s office has issued guidelines for statewide implementation of California’s medical marijuana program.  Individual counties and municipalities can still set their own local ordinances.

* From the Guidelines: Qualified patients and primary caregivers may possess up to 8 ounces of dried marijuana, and may maintain no more than six mature plants or 12 immature plants, unless a doctor recommends more.

Americans for Safe Access worked closely with the Attorney Generals office on the new guidelines. An ASA spokesperson remarked, “I’m so excited at the release of these guidelines.  This document will stop unnecessary legal action happening across the state. We expect to see less people wrongly having their medicine confiscated, wrongly being cited and wrongly going to jail”.


Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man. It would be unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious for the DEA to continue to stand between those sufferers and the benefits of this substance in light of the evidence in this record.
Francis L. Young, DEA’s own Administrative Law Judge, 1988