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*** Update: April 18.2008 – Rep. Barney Frank has introduced this billH.R. 5843 -“Act to Remove Federal Penalties for Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults“. Please tell your representative to support this legislation! ***

Headline: March 21.2008 – Rep. Frank to File Bill to Legalize Marijuanacaptl.jpgWhen the U.S. House of Representatives reconvenes shortly, Rep. Barney Frank (D) MA, has stated that he will introduce legislation to legalize small amounts of marijuana (Cannabis) on the federal level. Making the announcement on “Real Time”, hosted by Bill Maher (Friday night on HBO), Rep. Frank said that locking people up for smoking marijuana is “pretty silly.”

As Barney Frank is a ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, he knows full well the priorities faced by legislators regarding law and order. Here is a video post from Friday night’s “Real Time“, with Bill Maher and Barney’s bombshell:Rep. Barney Frank – Make Room For The Serious Criminals Bill

Barney Frank has realized for years that most politicians are way behind the American people on the marijuana issue, even ignoring the results of free and open elections in states that have legalized Cannabis for medical purposes.

nml.gifIn this video from a National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws conference in Washington, DC, 2001, Barney Frank questions the logic of “conservatives”, normally respectful of a state’s right to autonomy on the health and welfare of its’ citizens, in defying the will of the people and the Constitution.Rep. Barney Frank (MA): Marijuana, Politics & State’s Rights

Headline: March 23, 2008 – Rep. Frank Defends Proposal to Decriminalize Marijuana – Yesterday in the Boston Herald, Barney Frank  expressed concern about the federal raids on medical marijuana clubs in California, saying “I don’t think smoking marijuana should be a federal case”. Also, he insists that “the federal government shouldn’t have a law on the books that is rarely enforced and which doesn’t make sense to large portions of the public”.

*** Please Educate your Representatives in Congress, especially the House of Representatives, on the tragedy, enormous cost and ineffectiveness of the prohibtion of Cannabis. Tell your friends to tell their friends…to support Rep. Frank’s legislation. Call your elected officials on this – it’s your duty as a citizen.***

Cultural leaders like comedian and social critic Bill Maher, who take a stand on problems that the public seems unable to fix, are providing a service by sharing their stage with political leaders brave enough to challenge taboos. With a personal stake in the issue  (his friend Todd McCormick was in prison for researching medical marijuana production for a book project with Peter McWilliams), Bill Maher (then still hosting “Politically Incorrect”) spoke to a highly receptive NORML convention in San Francisco in 2002 on the tragic comedy of America’s war on marijuana.Bill Maher on Marijuana Legalization, NORML 2002

The inequities in our drug laws and the hypocritical politicians that dream them up have frustrated Americans for decades, especially as we export our convoluted, Neo-Puritan ideas out to the rest of the world – even alienating our neighbors in Canada, Mexico, Central and South America. Reforming our drug laws would go far in reforming our image in the eyes of the world and politicians in the eyes of Americans.

jeff2.jpg“It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.”
-Thomas Jefferson

tp.jpg“A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right” –  Thomas Paine 

Headline: March 9.2008 –

 The Wire’s War On The Drug War – HBO’s “The Wire” has amassed a serious audience during its’ five year run and now its’ writers have taken a serious stance on the show’s main subject – our modern prohibition, the ” War on Drugs” – A statement from five of the show’s writers:

“No longer can we collaborate with a government that uses nonviolent drug offenses to fill prisons with its poorest, most damaged and most desperate citizens.” 

The effect of the drug war on inner-city neighborhoods and community; racial disparities in America’s huge prison population; the corrupting effect on law enforcement and politicians –  topics that provided themes for the drama and compelling reasons for the show’s writers to take an extraordinary action – and they hope you do, too!

“If asked to serve on a jury deliberating a violation of state or federal drug laws, we will vote to acquit, regardless of the evidence presented.  Save for a prosecution in which acts of violence or intended violence are alleged, we will — to borrow Justice Harry Blackmun’s manifesto against the death penalty — no longer tinker with the machinery of the drug war.”

The writers go on to talk about jury nullification – more on that below. For now, a video re-cap of “The Wire“s first season:The Wire Season 1 Recap

Column: A ‘Wire’ War vs. the Drug War – Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page has written about the creators of “The Wire” and their efforts to jolt Americans out of complacency regarding our modern prohibition. As the show was set in Baltimore, Mr. Page refers to its’ former Mayor Kurt Schmoke and his belief in decriminalization and treatment as preferable to the “lock-em-up” approach. 

In this video from the Drug Truth Network, Mayor Schmoke presents his views, along with Judge Arthur Burnett, director of the National African American Drug Policy Coalition and Howard Wooldridge of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition:DTN and LEAP Report: NAADPC Conference

The creators of “The Wire” are giving something back to the communities they portrayed, reminding Americans that they have a duty to actively assert their rights as enumerated in our Constitution and to assert the rights of others when obvious injustice is perpetrated against them. Our “Founding Fathers” regarded a sitting jury to be our “Fourth Branch of Government” – that could judge how laws are implemented and even judge the law itself. Groups like the Fully Informed Jury Association have endeavored to educate the public on their rights and duties as jurors – information that has been suppressed in modern American courtrooms.

path.jpgWhy do we love this trial by jury?  Because it prevents the hand of oppression from cutting you off…This gives me comfort–that as long as I have existence, my neighbors will protect me.
Patrick Henry

In this video, “Power to the Jury”, from At Issue,  a TV show hosted a few years ago by Rep. Ron Paul (currently running for President of the U.S.), the historical roots of jury nullification are outlined – “our last defence against tyranny”:Ron Paul presents “Power to the Jury” At Issue (NEFL) – Part 1 of 3

I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution.
Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to Thomas Paine, 1789