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Headline: Work Under Way On Suffolk Hemp Factory (U.K.)sativa.gifHemcore has begun construction on what is to be the largest hemp factory in the world, eventually processing 50,000 tonnes on hemp fiber per year.  More hemp farmers and acreage will be put under contract to supply the plant, producing materials used in the automobile industry and insulation.

America used to have regional hemp processing mills, producing environmentally-friendly, high-quality industrial fiber produscts. In this video, you can see the types of products produced by Hemcore. Craig Lee, of the Kentucky Hemp Museum, demonstates a traditional, hand – operated “hemp break”, producing long fibers, short fiber “tow” and the “hurds” – rich in cellulose.Hemp Break with Craig Lee & KY Hemp Museum

vt.jpgHeadline: – Jan.23.08 – VT: Proposed Legislation Would Permit Cultivation of Hemp – Vermont has joined five other states authorizing farmers to return to hemp farming, now a growing industry in neighboring Canada. Unfortunately, the federal government has given the DEA authority over hemp, because of marijuana prohibition, and the agency has so far refused to issue any permits to hemp farmers.

The 1942 documentary, Hemp for Victory, shows the history and potential of the hemp industry in America. This film was discovered by historian Jack Herer in the Library of Congress, which denied it’s existence.Hemp For Victory