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sativa.gifCannabis Hemp has a rich legacy spanning thousands of years of close association with humankind. Carl Sagan postulated that it was the first cultivated plant, some 12,000 years ago. As “Ma Hemp” in Ancient China, circa 2400 BC, Cannabis was known as “one of the Superior Elixirs of Immortality“.

The Assyrians burned “qunubu” as incense “because it was pleasing to the Gods”. The Scythians, world renowned artisans, first called it Cannabis and valued its flowers, seeds and fiber, even lending their name to the scythe.

In the land of Cannan, for the Ancient Hebrews’, “Kaneh bosm” (mistranslated in the Bible as Calamus) was incense and anointing oil. Many researchers say that, as cannabis was sacred to the whole Near East, from the Zoroastors to India’s Ganges, certainly Jesus the Essene must have been familiar with this most precious of “spices”.

  So when Carl Linnaeus gave it a Latin title, Cannabis sativa (sativa means satisfying many uses), this plant was woven intricately throughout the tapestry of human cultures.

In the modern era, canvas sails (the word canvas is derived from Cannabis), hemp ropes and oakum made seafaring possible. seed.jpgHemp oil lit the darkness and nourished people and livestock. Hemp farmers grew medicine (Cannabis tinctures were the most prescribed medication of the early 18th century). Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin even smuggled hemp seeds from France, as Britian forbade the colonies from having their own hemp supply, and thereby a navy.

When William Randolph Hearst, the father of yellow journalism, unleashed his “marijuana, weed from hell” stories – feeding racist fears, he chose an obscure Mexican slang term (Canano is Spanish for Cannabis) that few people realized was Cannabis Hemp. ( Hearst pioneered using tree cellulose for paper, which turned yellow and brittle from the chemicals.)

In 1937, when Harry J. Anslinger told outrageous lies to Congress amid backroom deals with a petrochemical industry intent on usurping the lucrative industrial fiber industry and ex-G-men looking for work after alcohol prohibition, reefer madness was complete. Everyone was so frightened by the “evil monster, marijuana”, that no few noticed it was really familiar, old cannabis hemp. The Marijuana Tax act of 1937 passed and the  hemp industry, poised with new technology that would make farmers the source of high quality oil and fiber, was caught off guard and eventually was regulated out of business, as was Cannabis for medicine (over the objections of the AMA).

Now, in the 21st Century, with the techniques of modern medicine and research science, the efficacy of Cannabis as herbal medicine has been confirmed for many of the same ailments for which our ancestors used it.  Moreover, Medicinal Cannabis seems to be uniquely indicated for our modern age, as toxins in the environment and unhealthy food have throw our bodies out of balance and there is a need to bolster the Endo-Cannabinoid system responsible for “homeostasis”.

Concurrently, Industrial Hemp is making a comeback, uniquely qualified to provide high quality fiber, cellulose and oil products in an environmentally friendly way.  This versatile crop of our ancestors needs few fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, while requiring far less water than crops like corn and cotton. The prolific seed harvests supply a rich, high protein, unsaturated oil, also high in EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) with the perfect ratio for human consumption. The same oil is suitable for biodiesel and fume-free varnishes. Cellulose from the hurds (pith) of the stalk is a great feedstock for cellulosic ethanol, plastics and paper, without the need for harsh chemical processing (No Dioxin!). Hemp’s long, strong fibers are useful in countless industrial applications, as well as UV reflectant clothing. Even the leaves have potential as a voluminous biomass source – more green energy. Remember, Anything made from a hydrocarbon can be made from a carbohydrate!

So, that’s why many of us, including most doctors and researchers, want to preserve the original name for such a special gift from Mother Nature.
And, however it is known and used around the world – as ganja, marijuana, dagga, pot…, we know that Cannabis Hemp is here for good.

Cannabis TV is pleased to  offer these great books, from which information on this page was gleaned.


Hemp : Lifeline to the Future – The amazing true story of cannabis hemp: details how hemp can provide 50,000 commercial products – food, clothing, shelter, paper, plastic, fuel, medicine and more – while it helps end pollution and repair our planet.

 by Chris Conrad, Roy Richard (Editor)


The Emperor Wears No Clothes – The foremost book on the history of cannabis/hemp in America. Details on  the conspiracy to make cannabis illegal and keep it illegal. It will light a fire under you! – by Jack Herer



Green Gold
the Tree of Life
Marijuana in Magic and Religion

Details the use of cannabis in numerous ancient religions, and explains it’s long history as a magical, spiritual and sacramental herb.
by Chris Bennett, Lynn Osburn and Judy Osburn  




    • darrin ferguson
    • Posted September 26, 2010 at 7:43 pm
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    Now is the time to fight for marijuana and hemp law reform.Oil spills,a nuclear Iran,and global warming hade it possible for everyone to understand that hemp was put here by God.Groups like NORML should be out there pushin hard and leaning on lobbyists

    • Anonymous
    • Posted June 6, 2016 at 10:26 am
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    Which came first – the word “Cannabis”, or the “Cannabinaoid receptors” that are a natural part of our body? In other words – even without the plant, our bodies have an “Endo Cannabinoid” system. So which came first ? Was the plant named after the system in the body, or was the system in the body named after the plant?

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